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Mahdi In The Qur'an

6-A) Tafsir Majma' Al-Bayan By Shaykh Tabarsi


- The author of Majma' al-Bayan 2 first explains the meaning of "Wa qatiluhum, hatta la takuna fitnah" ("And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression"): "This first part of the verse was directed at the Prophet and the believers so that they would fight against the unbelievers and put an end to their provocative disturbances."


- He then explains the meaning of "Wa yakuna ad-dinu kulluhu lillah" ("and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere"): "This second part means that the people of the Truth and the Falsehood gather around the True religion and accept correct beliefs, and because of the acceptance of the True religion by the people, religion in its entirety belongs to God."


- The author then reports a tradition from Zurarah who reported it from Imam Sadeq who said: "The to 'wil has not yet been reached. At the moment of the rise of our al-Qa'im, the 


1 æ ÞÇÊáæåã ÍÊí áÇ Ê˜æä ÝÊäÉ æ í˜æä ÇáÏíä ˜áå á... ÝÅä ÇäÊåæ ÝÅä Ç... ÈãÇ íÚãáæä ÈÕíÑ


2 Majma' al-Bayan: Vol.10, p.218 



people who will then be on earth will see the realization of the ta'wil of this verse and the religion of Muhammad will dominate the universe, and no polytheists (Pagans) will remain on earth." 1

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