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Mahdi In The Qur'an

10-A) Tafsir Makhzan Al-'Irfan By Banu Nusrat Amin


Banu Amin 2 after having translated and explained the verse, says that the Qur'an has an outer (Zahir) and an inner (Batin) meaning and that both tafsir and ta 'w il are used to interpret the verses as they appear in the traditions where the Qur'an has seven inner meanings. She then asserts that it is consequently permissible to ascribe another meaning to the verses in addition to the meaning given by other commentators to this chapter.


Banu Amin then interprets the verse "Salamun hiya hatta matla 'il-fajr" ("Peace it is until the rise of morn!") in two different ways: The angels and Gabriel (Ruh) send their blessings and greetings to the Muhammadan soul and body and nature as long as nature and creation exist and until his pure soul returns from the world of nature to the world of Light and rejoins the Truth. It is reported in some of the traditions that the pronoun hiya refers to the Imam of the time, the Mahdi. Banu Amin adds that "this view confirms our interpretation of the verse as referring to the Prophet 


1 ÓáÇã åí ÍÊí ãØáÚ ÇáÝÌÑ


2 Makhzan al-'Irfan, Vol.4, p.206 



Muhammad, since the Imam of the time is the manifestation, the incarnation and the representative of the Prophet."

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