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Mahdi In The Qur'an

1-C) Tafsir Makhzan Al-`Iran By Banu Nusrat Amin


Banu Amin 1 first reports from several commentators the meaning of Zabur and Dhikr. The meaning of Zabur :


1- According to some commentators, the Zabur means the Book of the Prophet Dawud (David), as God says in the Qur'an 4: 126 ("wa aatayna Dawud Zabura') and in the Qur'an 17: 55.


2- Others claim that the Zabur refers to the Qur'an.


3- Also, the Zabur is said to consist of all the revealed Books or the Books revealed after that of the Prophet Musa (Moses). 


1 Makhzan al-lrfan, Vol. 10 p. 309 



The meaning of Dhikr :


1- According to some commentators, it means the Tawrah, because God used the word Dhikr several times in the Qur'an when referring to the Tawrah.


2- It is also said to refer to the Qur'an because it was used to indicate the Qur'an on different occasions. In this case, the fact that the Zabur comes after the Dhikr (Qur'an) in the verse does not mean after in chronological time but in the sense that it comes after the Dhikr because of its lower rank.


3- The Zabur is said by some to represent the al-Lawh alMahfuz.


Banu Amin then briefly reports the commentators' views concerning the second part of the verse ("My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth") :


1- The meaning of Ardh is the earth of Heaven which the virtuous and pious servants of God will inherit, as we can see in the Qur'an 23: 11 and in the Qur'an 39: 74.


2- Ardh is also said to be a sacred land that the Community of the Prophet will inherit.


3- Ardh is the earth and the verse concerns people who have faith in general.


4- The virtuous members of the Community are being referred to here; it is said that, at the End of Time, the Umma 



of the Prophet will conquer the earth and its unbelievers, and will rule it.


At this point, Banu Amin reports a tradition from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (fifth Imam) concerning the Righteous mentioned in the verse: "These are the Companions of the Mahdi at the End of Time, who will conquer the Eastern and Western parts of the earth". She adds that, in confirmation of this, there is a tradition reported by the Shi'ites and the Sunnites, according to which the Prophet said: "Even if there remains only one day on Earth, God will prolong it until He will bring forth a pious man from my progeny so that he will fill the earth with justice and equity as it was filled with oppression and tyranny". 1 Moreover, she adds that the traditions concerning the reappearance of the Mahdi and his descendency from Fatima are numerous among the Shi'ites and the Sunnites."

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